Con Report and Pictures Dutch Comic Con 2015

Usually i type in dutch, but since Dutch Comic Con had a lot of non dutch speaking visitors I am typing this in english.
A report about my visit to Dutch Comic Con and a selection of my favorite pictures. Don't want to read it. Click here to view the full set of pictures on facebook and here for the selected set

For many the long awaited first edition of Dutch Comic Con, it's finally here! For most convention visitors this might be the convention that they are most curious about. It's Comic con and it's going to be in the Netherlands for the first time. There have been some hick ups just before the day of the Con. Artists and actors that weren't coming, shift in schedules all kinds of rumors. It made a lot of people skeptical.

Day of the Con
around 09:15 i arrived at the convention, according to the schedule the doors would open at 10:00, but we were already allowed to go in around 09:30. After presenting my ticket i'm used to get a wristband or something like that so you can walk in and out of the convention ground. But the wrist band was only for the people who had a weekend pass, visitors with a day pass would get a stamp which allowed you to go in and out.  Aside from the wristband I'm also used to at least to receive a map and a schedule of the activities, but this was also not available. The schedule and maps were presented on some billboards, but it's far from ideal.

Convention floor
When you enter you will be greeted by the 2 batmobiles and the car from ghostbusters. Not sure if this was the best place to show the cars, a lot of people wanted to see and take pictures with the cars. It created a line and since it was near the entrance it kind of held up everyone that wanted to come in. It made the area around the entrance super crowded. Sometimes it seemd impossible to walk through.
There was an area where you could line up to get stuff signed by celebrities that were at the con. I guess the expected a huge crowd for it, but that didn't seemed to be the case :P
Behind the different movie cars there was an area which allowed you to play games, there was also a photoshoot area with your favorite actor (that part created to largest line at the con).

There was a second hall which was a bit smaller which contains the dealers where you could buy awesome stuff, but later during the day this area got so crowded it was almost impossible to just walk around.
A third area was the area where the main stage was. This was a huge hall which wasn't filled at all. It was very dark and only had a few spots and it had the stage where the Q&A where held and the compo's

Except for the dealer room the most halls  could be considered dark, darker and darkest. This created quite a challenge for taking pictures, but as soon as you figured out your way to work with the limited light i could create some awesome images.

picture taken at the stage hall

picture taken in the main hall (Jinx by Ilunaneke cosplay and Ahri by Moekke Cosplay)

After walking around for a bit there were some major differences compared with the other conventions that i go to. First besides the Q&A there weren't any workshops or panels etc. The amount of people in cosplay is in comparison less than other cons. There were more adults with young children.
Since there weren't any other activities i could focus on taking pictures, chatting with people that i know

just total awesomeness

During the saturday there were 2 cosplay competitions, one by DCC and one by Since the crowd was already gathering around the stage i started to make my way to the stage. First impression was that the stage was way to small and way to low. I'm 1.80 and i could barely see it not to mention the people who are even smaller. With the first act the judged weren't even on stage yet. When they were on stage the got a seat behind the performers, so basically the judged were watching the performance from behind? No arrangements were made for the press photographers, no big screens to show the people at the back what was going on on stage. The whole area around the stage could use some major updates next year.

The judges

The winning group act

I took many pictures but basically 95% of them were no good due to bad lighting. After the DCC compo there was another Q&A and then the Insidegamer compo was going to start. But since i was so tired already i didn't go to the stage in time so basically i didn't see anything from the back and decided to just spot some other people for pictures. Since the only area where it was remotely possible to take pictures was in the stage hall i was walking around in this area, but since there was nothing to do here a lot of cosplayers didn't come to this area. I decided to try my luck in the main hall but it was so crowded and so hot that it literally started to smell like sweat :(. Since it was almost time for my League of Legends shoot i just decided to go outside to meet up with some cosplayers for a mini shoot and get some fresh air.

League of Legends Mini shoot
The whole day i was carrying around a lot of stuff (strobes, lenses and lightstands) i was completely broken at the end of the day. But it was a good thing i brought all that stuff, it was useful during the minishoot. Group shoots are always a challenge, but i personally think i managed to get some nice shots.

Overall i had a great time at Dutch Comic Con and would like to go again next year. But wait there is more :) inside gamer is having a photo contest and off course i submitted a picture to compete :)

Personal top 3 pictures
And now my personal top 3 pictures of this event. It is a really really difficult choice, so many pictures that i am happy with :)

Black Cat by SNC Cosplay


For those who don't want to go to facebook, the pictures from the selected set