Fotoshoot: Cosplay Merida from Brave by Miharichu Emi Cosplay

So i'm typing this one in english cause maybe i'm getting more international viewers :P (or not). This i actually my first time doing a cosplay photoshoot :). I have taken cosplay pictures before but that was more like during conventions or events. I had the honor to work with Miharichu Emi Cosplay (give her a like if you haven't done it yet) the cosplay for the photoshoot is her Merida cosplay which won the first prize of the Tsunacon 2015 cosplay contest. Proximus Cosplay (also give him a like :) ) was with us to assist with the shoot.
Since it was also the first time someone assisted i came to the conslution I REALLY NEED AN ASSISTANT!!! :P it's so great if you have someone extra helping and assisting. So many thanks to Proxumyus Cosplay.

The location of the shoot was Mastbos in Breda, it's a beautifull forest and perfect for our shoot.

The weather was great it was sunny but since the forest had a thick canopy it also gave us a lot of shade. Which made it a very ideal location to shoot even after 12:00 o'clock.
During this shoot i also experimented more with using strobes, since cosplay is often colorfull and i also like contrast using strobes seemed suitable.
By using strobes it could create the effect that it was almost dark :P and i kinda liked it :)

Many thanks to Miharichu Emi Cosplay for modeling and Proximus Cosplay for assisting. I had fun doing the shoot and i'm very happy with the result. I hope to do more cosplay shoots in the future.

To keep this post short, my top 3 pick of this shoot.

See the gallery below for more pictures