Fotoshoot: Pre wedding shoot van neefje uit Hongkong

This time a photoshoot where i was more like a minion. My cousin was in the Netherlands with his girlfriend and a photographer from Hongkong to take wedding picture with the typical dutch scenery (windmills, Amsterdam and tulips).

Curious as i am i asked if i could tag along :) with permission to also take some snapshots on the side. We started near keukenhof looking forsome tulip fields. you would thin that it would be easy, but it was harder than i thought. Eventually we found a field and we asked for persmission to enter the field for some pictures.
I was mainly standing on the side in the beginning and after a while i started assisting by holding the flash. Despite all that i was able to get some decent shots :)

After the tulip fields we went to downtown amsterdam to take some typical "dutch" shots. We rented a bycicle and bought some flowers. After the Amsterdam shoot we went to Zaandam, here i didn't really took any photo's myself cause i was holding the flash all the time.

After Zaandam they went back to amsterdam downtown to make some night shots, but i decided the day has been long enough and headded home. It was very fun to accompany my cousin on his shoot and it was very educating to see a pro photographer work.